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PARTYBABY bring the heat with 'Your Old Man'


PARTYBABY may be one of the hottest tips for stardom in 2016, that’s if their recent efforts are anything to go by. Following the exuberant smash and grab of ‘Everything’s All Right’ comes another youthfully charged track ‘Your Old Man’.

Following a slightly pop-ier turn ‘Your Old Man’ still strikes the same chords of parental disobedience and furious energy as the previous and smells like the puke of pure party anthems. PARTYBABY are so far, fairly mysterious but with an American tour underway we are hoping to catch a few more glimpses in the next weeks.

Beyond the mystery and the lipstick smeared style of the smut-filled, guitar charged, glam punk – the band offer a connection to a disillusioned youth and with it a lifeline not only to party but to scream ‘fuck you’ to anyone who wants to hear it.

After all, we are here for a good time, not a long time.