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Party Dozen team up with Nick Cave for new single ‘Macca the Mutt’

Party Dozen ft Nick Cave - 'Macca the Mutt'

A noise rock thunderstorm about a dog called Macca could only really come from one country at the moment. Thus, it seems fitting that the Aussie duo Party Dozen teamed up with the fellow who helped to inspire the next generation in pairing reverence with a sense of recklessness, Mr Nick Cave

And not to bang on about the man who only comes in the seal the last minute, but the rollicking ways will have fans rooting around for their Grinderman records in no time. Party Dozen are bruising at the best of times, but with ‘Macca the Mutt’ they bound in like an excitable Doberman and never let the lapping lapse. 

Consisting of Kirsty Tickle’s saxophone that’s wielded against the wall of sound like a Stihl Saw, and Jonathan Boulet’s drumming that comes in with the same Steven Ansell-esque style of hitting bass notes like you’re trying to punch through the kit but keeping the thrills floaty, the song is a wild ride akin to being inside of pinball. 

And then it’s over before you know what has hit you. That, in short, yells home one thing for sure—this song is anything but boring. Whether there are calls for more depth or maybe moments of musical nuance essentially pass you by making the anthem an oddity in some ways, but that sort of originality will always be creditable, and should the dust ever settle on it, then the rest should be revealed. 

Party Dozen’s third record The Real Work is set for release via Temporary Residence on July 8th. It follows 2020’s Pray for Party Dozen outing where the title did a lot of the talking for the unreserved sound therein. 

You can check out the wailing wall of sound that is ‘Macca the Mutt’ below. 

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