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Parquet Courts release ‘Captive Of The Sun’ remix with Bun B


One thing you should know about Brooklynites and post-punk poets Parquet Courts, is that one thing that has stuck with them from their Texas roots is their adoration for Texan rap. This may seem a little strange but when the group performed ‘Captives Of The Sun’ on Colbert and were joined by legend Bun B it all really made sense.

Taken from the incredible album Human Performance the mix of poignantly prose and pallid delivery in ‘Captive Of The Sun’ make it one hell of track on its own. To then be touched with the finesse of Bun B makes this incredible remix worthy of so much more.

The remix is available on a 12” single along with a Chopped Not Slopped remix from Texas DJ OG Ron. The lyric video below just showcases how, ahem ‘dope’, this all is.