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Parquet Courts are complete muppets


Thank you Parquet Courts for the easiest headline all year. The band have made themselves even more adored amongst music journalists as they have put out one of the best videos of the year for their recent song ‘Human Performance’.

Taken from the album of the same name the band use some slightly odd puppets to create a very odd visual to their brilliant song. It feels perfect as the distant between humans and their performance become blurred with every note. The heartfelt nature of the song feels eloquently placed in this video.

But it’s not all for fun the band “I was thinking about the track and how it paints a break-up both elliptically and with such devastating directness,” says the clip’s director, Phil Collins (nope). ”And I wondered what it would be like if this drama was enacted not through naturalism or authenticity but through its partners in crime, doubling and artificiality. So puppets seemed an obvious choice.

“A puppet is a complex beast, animated by a human but which also, conversely, brings the puppeteer to life. I thought this kind of dialectics could work well with Andrew’s lyrics, and also found it funny to give starring roles to puppets in a track called ‘Human Performance’.”

Take a look for yourselves below.