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Parklife Festival warn about lethal ‘Punisher’ ecstasy pills following recent deaths


Parklife Festival organisers have sent out a warning about ‘Punisher’ ecstasy pills following recent festival drug deaths.

The warning comes after the lethal pills proved costly at a recent festival in Portsmouth where 18-year-old woman and a 20-year-old man died in separate incidents.

The deaths occurred at festival’s site in King George V Playing Fields, Cosham. The news comes after the event posted a “harm prevention alert” via social media, warning festival-goers about the use of drugs, they said that a “dangerous high-strength or bad-batch substance on site,” in a message on Twitter.

No, ahead of their event, Parklife have sent out a following warning: “No doubt you have seen in the press about two very sad tragedies at a festival over the weekend,” Parklife said on Twitter.

“There is a VERY strong batch of pills in circulation, with strength over 330mg. These tablets, along with others, can result in death. Please act responsibly & look after each other,” they added.