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(Credit: Andrea Maschio)


A street in Paris set to be named after David Bowie


Jerome Coumet, the mayor of Paris, has announced plans to name a street after David Bowie in the city.

Coumet, who said Bowie “had a strong link with the city of lights,” is a professed superfan of the Thin White Duke and is ensuring that the 13th arrondissement of Paris remembers his legacy.

“There will soon be a Rue David Bowie in the 13th arrondissement of Paris,” Jerome Coumet, mayor of the district, told French news agency AFP.

The socialist mayor, who confirmed that Bowie’s name will be etched onto the major Austerlitz station in the southeast of the French capital, also stated that “the naming must be approved by the Paris council in February”—a formality which never normally encounters any issues.

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