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Palma Violets new band Gently Tender open up with '2 Chords Good'


Earlier in the decade there was one band championing the South London scene. That band was Palma Violets and with their brand of swashbuckling indie-punk they paved a way for many others south of the river. The band though, after some work on maintaining their ‘ones to watch’ status, sadly went down the Thames with many others before them.

That hasn’t stopped Sam, Will and Phil of the band finding their sound again, and now with the help of guitarist Adam Brown alongside The Big Moon’s Celia Archer, they’ve got a brand new project underway by the name of Gently Tender. They arrive with some new tricks, some old traits and a brand new song which we’ve named our Track of the Day; ‘2 Chords Good’.

Luckily, the project is still dabbled with the chaos and ramshackle charm of Palma Violets, but are offering more melody and texture as the spoken-word croon details the nugget of truth at the centre of their new song. Speaking with Clash Magazine Sam explained the song was influenced by a real-life conversation.

“The song is essentially me replaying that moment in my mind, and almost kicking myself about my average and weak response [‘Probably yeah’] to her question, ‘Are you going to put some more chords on your new album?’”

He continues: “The song is me talking to myself … and making excuses like I was feeling ‘kinda stressed that day’. I had been suffering with anxiety at the time of the meeting, but as I gradually formulate what the answer should have been, I cultivate pictures in my mind of visions and scenes that move me; memories of ‘golden evenings’ and ‘sunlit canals’ and songs that I have loved.”

“As long as they are the right chords to get what you want to say out, its all fine.”

Gently Tender – 2 Chords Good by Big Score