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(Credit: Pip)


Pale Waves share 'Reasons To Live'


It seems that everyone is jumping on the emo pop-punk revival bandwagon, and Pale Waves is one of those already-familiar groups that’s perfect to pile on.

Their sound borders on the alternative-rock and pop-punk-inspired sound that makes them perfect to come out with their latest effort. That’s just one of the reasons why their newest single ‘Reasons To Live’ shows off that spirit.

‘Reasons To Live’ is the second single off their forthcoming album Unwanted, which is set to drop on August 12th, 2022, via Dirty Hit. Of the new album, frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie says: “It was really the only thing this album could be called. It’s bold and unapologetic, and that’s what the Pale Waves community is about. We don’t need to fit a perfect mould, we don’t need to apologise for being ourselves, and we won’t change for anyone. That acceptance is what connects us.”

The song definitely gives a taste of that, leaning into the signature polished-yet-heavy sound. Of the song specifically, she says: “‘Reasons To Live’ is about a time when I felt truly drained and incapable of happiness. Then I found someone who showed me a reason to live.”

Although it does show off a sense of positivity, both in the melodic progression and in the lyrics. The words might even be a bit more characteristic of a standard pop tune than what you might expect from a band like Pale Waves, but it blends in such a unique way that it works almost without calling attention to the juxtaposition. 

Starting on June 11th, Pale Waves will be supporting 5SOS on their summer 2022 North American tour dates, so you can catch them on tour while they gear up for the album release. Until then, you can keep on rocking out to ‘Reasons To Live’, which you can find linked down below.