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(Credit: Press / Daniel Alexander Harris)


Palace share stirring new single ‘Friends Forever’

Palace - 'Friends Forever'

Ahead of the release of their third album Shoals this Friday, London-based band Palace have dropped their latest cosy indie gem from the record with the new single ‘Friends Forever’. The track continues the oozing atmosphere that the band have nestled into and called home. 

With falsetto vocals cutting through the murk of reverb-laden guitar the song touches on the head lulling ways of some dusky public transport journey when you’re half in somnambulant slumber and half somewhere else entirely. This gentle wave sloshing soundscape is then flashed with a rather more visceral brushstroke when the clear poignancy of the sweet chorus cuts in. 

Ahead of the accompanying album, frontman Leo Wyndham explained: “Shoals is a record about confronting our own fears and anxieties. Through the pandemic we were confronted more than ever with ourselves with little distraction, suddenly seeing who we are in the rawest of forms. It held a mirror up to our flaws and imperfections and forced us to see the real ‘us’.”

Befittingly adding: “The record symbolises how our minds can have beautiful yet dangerous depths, like the ocean, and how our fears and thoughts are like shoals of fish that move and shift constantly from place to place; chaotic, often untameable and unpredictable.” It’s not quite pitted with a barrel of laughs but there is cause for pause in the sonic swell that the record is bound to offer up if the initial singles are anything to go by. 

‘Friends Forever’ finds Palace at perhaps their most accomplished—they seem confident in what they are doing and happy to lean into it until they’re basically lying down. The result is a buoyant, crisp and polished sound that’s happy to say it is particularly daring to be different.

Following the release of the album on January 21st, Palace will embark upon their biggest tour yet, with dates across the UK, Europe, and the US, as well as a string of intimate record store shows across England later in February. Be sure to check back for the album review soon.