Palace - Head Above The Water


Palace have been wooing us with their seeping, murky music for the past eight months and have garnered not only our attention along the way. Making a name for themselves with their grungy sound ‘Head Above The Water’ is now their latest release and it’s our Track of the Day

Out on September 7th  and taken from their debut EP Chase The Light the band use their measured tone to create an eerie atmosphere that provide soundscapes and imagery that keep the mind wandering and the eyes dancing. Mixing pop vocals with layered sounds puts them firmly in the Foals category but it’s their authenticity which sets them apart.

Making music in Tottenham ‘The Arch’ is the cultural mecca, playing, rehearsing and sometimes sleeping in the space the band’s music is infinitely affected by it. The band are ready-made artists free from conceited hype and over-indulgent articles they just ‘are’ and what they ‘are’ is a fucking good band.