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Credit: Focka

Ozzy Osbourne shares that he is recording an album while recovering from surgery


Ozzy Osbourne has used a recent interview to share his thoughts on his recent health struggles and express his anger following the aftermath of his neck surgery. The metal star said that it was “agony beyond anything I ever experienced before in my life”.

The Black Sabbath lead singer suffered a fall at his home in January while recovering from pneumonia, which caused him to “re-injure his back and neck and shoulders”, dislodging the metal pins he had formerly had put in his body, his wife and former manager Sharon Osbourne said at the time.

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In the interview with Rolling Stone Osbourne said “It fucked everything up… I’m wobbling all over the place,” he said. “And since they cut through the nerves, my right arm feels permanently cold.”

“For the first, say, four months, I was absolutely in agony,” he said. “I was in agony beyond anything I ever experienced before in my life. It was awful. I’m taking physical and occupational therapy classes, but the progress is very slow. They say it’s going to take at least a year.”

Osbourne described the process as boring and said more “I’m used to getting up, getting on my elliptical and going for an hour or so and breaking a sweat. But I can’t do it,” he explained. “One day, I was doing an hour or two on the elliptical; now I can do just barely half an hour. I go out with a walking stick, and I walk up the road and I’m bushed.”

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But Osbourne did say that he is using his time wisely and has even recorded nine song sketches: “I thought, ‘Well, if I just lay there watching fucking World At War again, I’m not gonna fucking do anything. So do what you can, even if it’s a little, just so you’re doing stuff.”

While there may be hopes of a new record on the way the thought of touring is still too far off. We can still keep hope that Ozzy Osbourne isn’t far away from returning to his throne as the Prince of Darkness.