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Ozzy Osbourne gets into the festive spirit: "F*** Christmas - I hate it"


This might come as a bit of a shock to you, but the Ozzy ‘The Prince of Darkness’ Osbourne, isn’t a massive fan of Christmas. 

In an attempt to drown the festive spirit in all things Ozzy, the 70-year-old has announced plans to play a special show at the planned event of ‘Ozzfest’ at The Forum in Los Angeles on December 31st.

Talking about his decision to work through Christmas, Ozzy was on top form: “I’ve been saying to Sharon , ‘Fuck Christmas, I hate it.’ It’s for shopaholics and kids and so I’ve always wanted to work through Christmas.

“We’re doing a gig at The Forum on New Year’s Eve with Ozzfest, two stages, Zakk Sabbath, Rob Zombie, Ice-T’s doing it – a bunch of different people.

“It’s going to be the all-stars of Ozzfest. I want to give them a great show and I want to have fun.

“I’m bringing in the new year with a big bang!”