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Play 'Legend of Ozzy' the Prince of Darkness' new 8-bit computer game


Ozzy Osbourne may have released his first new record in years but now he has truly reached new heights as the Prince of Darkness has his very own 8-bit computer game.

Called Legend of Ozzy, the aim of the game is to collect as many blood droplets as you can or the Ozzy-bat will die (not because his head gets bitten off).

As well as bats, there are health-replenishing green crosses as well as evil eyes, wolves and other devils.

The iconic singer has had his fair share of merch during his time, his soft toy bat with the detachable head was a particular highlight. But even for him, the game represents a new level in merchandising.

It’s a game that lightens the heavy year the singer has had. As well as releasing Ordinary Man the singer has also had to deal with his recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.

Play the interactive video game here and take your mind off the world for a few blessed minutes.