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Owners of Koko in Camden speak out for first time after the devastating fire


The owners of Koko in Camden, London, have spoken out for the first time after a fire ripped through the iconic venue last night (January 6th).

Shortly before 9 pm the dramatic scenes were making their way across social media as the iconic London venue was engulfed in flames. Eight fire engines soon arrived with 60 firefighters in attendance to put out the blaze.

While at one point last night 30% of the roof was on fire it was confirmed at 3 am that the fire was under control and the venue, as a whole, had been saved. Now the owners and operators of the venue have shared a brief statement.

“We are deeply saddened by the fire that took place at Koko last night and pleased to announce there have been no casualties,” said venue owner Olly Bengough. “We want to thank the London Fire Brigade for its quick response and how well it handled the situation.

He continued: “The amount of support we have received from the public has been amazing and we’ll be doing our best to get the redevelopment of this iconic building back on-track.”

While Koko’s Twitter account was happy that “our beloved venue is still standing”, the account also said “We will be back with an official statement once we have had time to properly assess the consequences of the fire.”