(Credit: Aranxa Esteve)


Over 10,000 people attend an illegal rave in France


An illegal rave that enticed more than 10,000 people has been met by fury in France.

The country, much like most of the globe, is still regulated by strict social distancing rules amid the coronavirus pandemic and the rave flouted those with disabandon.

Local authorities were forced to block off the region on Lozère in a secluded area of the Cevennes national park where the race congregated on a remote mountain plateau. Local reports have suggested that in excess of 10,000 people—which included young children—were in attendance.

“People from Lozère take Covid very seriously, they have respected the distancing measures and this massive influx of people who flout all the rules has shocked them profoundly,” said Valerie Hatsch, the region’s préfet.

It is said that local police began preventing vehicles from leaving the area for “for health reasons linked to the risk of spreading Covid-19” before some partygoers were slowly allowed to leave on Monday afternoon.

Despite battling the large crowd amid the health crisis, authorities were forced to establish medical points for the number of young people who were inebriated. Police also handed out fines for public drunkenness and drug use.

Damage to local farmland ensued as well as traffic concerns given the severe amount of people who descended upon the area.