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Ought have shared the video for new track 'Disgraced in America'


We’re late-comers to the band Ought. Now, there is a play on words we are saving you from there, but that shouldn’t detract from what is not only a brilliant band and new track but also a brilliant new video for ‘Disgraced in America’.

The song, ‘Disgraced In America’ matches Ought’s recent output and tracks alongside Manchester’s golden era, hitting the morose with a hammer and marching a melody along the moodier side of the railway lines. Ought are a bit special.

A unique voice and a thick rhythm add to the band’s new sound. It’s a sound which will come in to full focus on the new album Room Inside The World, which is out on Merge Records on February 16th. The sound is an evolution for the MOntreal band who are now using their anger to fuel their investigation in to this world. There’s a sense the band are paying closer attention than ever and choosing the optimum time to unleash their fury.


The video is also incredibly impressive, it shows a band keen on their artistic output rather than super-stardom: shot in 15-second increments over the course of three weeks it is something very special. “Breaking a song down into its tiniest parts actually leaves lots of room to improvise and really consider how to describe it visually,” says Rappard.

“I wanted to create a video that morphed and visually changed in the same ways the song does: in the beginning, working with the bright guitar sound and the illustrative qualities of the lyrics, then moving into the abstract at the bridge’s breakdown, to the ending where it completely changes, becoming much noisier and darker with the percussion, spacey synths, and ringing guitar hits.”

Ought’s Tim Darcy had this to say about the video; “The term ‘microcosm’ came to mind when I read Heather Rappard’s accompanying description for ‘Disgraced in America’. The way they worked on the song, second by second, opened up deeper layers than we’re used to. Anyone who’s tried to memorise a lyric or a melody will know how unseen worlds can open up when you dig in like that. Songs can last for days, years, fucking centuries, and then you pull your head out of the brook and maybe 15 seconds have passed.

We are completely honoured and rocked by Heather and Mike’s work, and hope it can take you a few layers deeper, where the clock ticks a bit slower and the drum fills are as big as billboards. Definition of microcosm on dic-tion-ary-dot-com? “A little world.”

Take a look below at Ought’s ‘Disgraced in America’, with tour dates below that.

Apr 20 | Bristol, UK – The Exchange
Apr 21 | Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club
Apr 22 | Glasgow, UK – Stereo
Apr 23 | Birmingham, UK – Hare & Hounds
Apr 24 | London, UK – Garage
Apr 26 | Paris, FR – Maroquinerie
Apr 27 | Nantes, FR – Stereolux
Apr 28 | Bordeaux, FR – Iboat
Apr 30 | Lausanne, CH – Le Romandie
May 01 | Winterthur, CH – Albani
May 02 | Brussels, BE – Botanique
May 03 | Cologne, DE – Bumann & Sohn
May 04 | Berlin, DE – Kantine am Berghain
May 05 | Copenhagen, DK – Loppen
May 07 | Amsterdam, NL – Paradiso Noord