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(Credit: Netflix)


Oscars 2022: 'Army of the Dead' wins Fan Favourite award at the 94th Academy Awards


Army of the Dead has claimed the inaugural Academy Award for the fan favourite film of 2021 as voted by film fans from across the world. Beating out a long list of hopeful blockbusters, including Snyder’s own cut of Justice League starring Henry Cavill, Jared Leto and Ezra Miller.

Meant as a spiritual successor to Snyder’s 2004 Zombie film Dawn of the Dead, the film stars Dave Bautista. Known for being one of the major films pushed by online users, Army of the Dead was able to rally the online troops and climb the way to unique Oscar success.

Having lost their relevance in the past decade or so with audiences seemingly less trusting of the Academy’s skewed opinion on the previous year in film, the ‘fan favourite’ award was brought in to encourage more viewers to the ceremony.

Long-ignoring popular blockbusters and turning a blind eye to major successes for black and female filmmakers, the ceremony has been caught in the middle of a public outcry with #OscarsSoWhite becoming the rallying cry for a generation of film fans demanding change.

However, thanks to platforms like Twitter and Reddit, various films with middling critical and commercial receptions also began to gain steam in the voting. Army of the Dead received mixed reviews upon its release, but Snyder was a heavy favourite in the ‘Fan Favourite’, along with Spider-Man: No Way Home and Minamata, the latter likely due to the presence of lead actor Johnny Depp.

Take a look at the trailer for Army of the Dead below.