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(Credit: YouTube / ©A.M.P.A.S.)


Oscars 2021: Youn Yuh-jung wins Best Supporting Actress at the 93rd Academy Awards

Youn Yuh-jung has earned victory at the 93rd Academy Awards, winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Minari.

Fighting off tough competition in a fierce category, Youn Yuh-jung’s performance in Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari stood out as the strongest in the pack, and of the film itself. Calm, quiet and poetically reflective, Youn’s character seems to be the mouthpiece for all of Chung’s themes and ideas, she is the driving force of Minari. 

““I’ve had a long career built step by step. Nothing happened bam, like this, and this award is so very happy to get,” she said after winning the award. “In our field we’re comparing different movies so I’m just lucky tonight. And maybe some American hospitality!”

“With an ever so slightly grassy, peppery taste and a mild, glorious fragrance, Minari is a weed-like plant indigenous to East Asia that grows expansively in wetlands without much human interaction needed,” Far Out’s review reads. “In fact, once it has set its roots and has died after a harsh winter, it tends to grow even better. Whilst seemingly irrelevant, this profile of the East Asian vegetable, which shares its name with Lee Isaac Chung’s latest film, in many ways tells us all we need to know. Minari is a film deep-rooted and ready to flourish; it’s perhaps a shame we instead only see its gradual growth.”

“Soft and subtle Minari may be, though it doesn’t quite carry the impactful weight it believes to possess. Taking its time to sculpt its delicate characters, the film would’ve benefited from a little more time to enjoy their mere presence and interaction, particularly when it comes to the role of the daughter, who is all but shunned to the film’s outermost periphery. As it is, Minari is less of a grand familial epic, and more of a simple, poignant parable, though what’s the harm in that.”

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