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Credit: Louise Mason


Oscar Lang shines on raucous new track, 'Flowers'


The newest signee to Dirty Hit Records, Oscar Lang is in some pretty impressive company, with Wolf Alice and The 1975 also on the roster. But on ‘Flowers’ he shows that he has what it takes to become another name up in shining indie lights. It’s our Track of the Day.

The new track is a departure from Lang’s previously synth-heavy sound and sees him borrow notes of best moments of the sixties and nineties rock and roll to add a grain of grit to his pearly offering.

It’s something he pulls off with an unnerving degree of authenticity. ‘Flower’s may be equipped with a deeply embedded groove but it’s the combination of this, the soaring guitar and his lyrics that really take the song to a new level.

“The track’s lyrics are about the everyday monotony of life and were influenced by some of the famous songwriters from the ’60s,” Lang told The Line of Best Fit.

“This style of music is the music I’ve had stored away for years but never had the opportunity to record in a studio, a change in my sound but still at the heart of it the same songwriting”.

“I wanted to blend a mix of the old Beatles-esque psychedelia and a modern sound, and it was a fun opportunity for me to scream all over a track”.

Lang delivers this in spades on ‘Flowers’ and offers the dancefloor the chance to shimmy at guitars once again.

Listen below to Oscar Lang’s ‘Flowers’ our Track of the Day.