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Oscar Lang and Wallice sparkle on 'I've Never Been to L.A.'

Oscar Lang - 'I've Never Been To L.A.'

A lot has changed in the world since Oscar Lang last released music into the world via his debut album Chew The Scenery in the summer of 2021. Now, 12 months down the line, the need for his infectious pop sensibilities is again at the fore as the summer sun beckons, and the dancefloors of the world await his neurologically blissful indie-pop. The singer-songwriter shares ‘I’ve Never Been to L.A.’ with a view on the future.

Lang has quietly been gaining a reputation as one of the more pleasing aspects of the last few years. While the world may have gone to pot, Lang’s ability to craft beautiful and bouncing hits is a bright moment in an otherwise dark cloud. He employs Dirty Hit labelmate Wallice as his ballast on this track, and it makes for another halcyon reminder of his talent.

Oscar says about the new single: “I’ve Never Been To L.A.’ is an anthem for all those people that have only ever seen sunny Los Angeles through the eyes of Hollywood.” It may feel like a somewhat corny reason to write a song, but if you feel that way then there’s a chance you never grew up n a suburban town in England. For most of those who did, the idea of America as a beacon of creative potential and life ambition was one that was directly beamed into our brains from a ludicrously early age.

Perhaps what is most impressive about Lang’s determination of the city in a song is his ability to capture both the transcendent joy and tangible transgressiveness of its beating heart. Lang continues: “An imaginary world where you get to hold your hands in the air while cruising down the freeway soaking up American hyper-consumerism. Being an L.A. native and me being a huge fan of hers I thought it was only right to ask Wallice to hop on the track and come at it from the American perspective.”

Wallice adds: “When I first heard the demo that Oscar sent I was driving down the freeway headed home during a beautiful orange L.A. sunset and I loved the song. I think that’s the ideal time and activity to be doing while listening to this song. I was born and raised in L.A. and Oscar has never been here, but when I met up with him last year in London he said he wanted to come out and visit. L.A. is infamous for everyone moving here to become a star and it’s fun to play into that even more.”

Aside from the imagery Lang captures within the track, the song stands up on its own as a synth-driven road song, a reverberating moment in the afterparty furore that deserves extra attention and a bouncing melody to get the party moving — no mean feat for an artist who has not yet hit the heights his journey looks set to give him.