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Orville Peck releases cover of Lady Gaga song 'Born This Way'

Country troubadour Orville Peck is kicking off Pride in style with a cover of Lady Gaga’s ultimate gay anthem ‘Born This Way’, rearranged for his own signature baritone croon.

“My official country road cover of ‘Born This Way’ for the 10th-anniversary edition of Born This Way Reimagined is out now!” Peck announced on Instagram. “I am so honoured and excited to be a part of the iconic legacy of this song and album. Thank you Lady Gaga for asking me and Happy Pride y’all!!”

The track is set to be featured on the upcoming 10th anniversary of the Born This Way album, which will feature reinterpretations of six tracks from the original by a number of currently unnamed artists. The only confirmed contributor at this point is Peck, who is quickly becoming a major draw all his own.

The story of Orville Peck is as fascinating as it is strange. He’s a pseudonymous gay country musician who wears a tasselled mask to conceal his identity. Word has it he might have been a punk musician before switching genre allegiances. No one knows for sure, just like no one knows his real name, age, or origin. We just know he’s Canadian, but even that is up for speculation. What’s showbiz without a little mystery?

What we do know is that after the release of his 2019 debut album Pony, Peck has attained his own cult following that has led to a number of great collaborations, including RuPaul’s Drag Race star/fellow country singer Trixie Mattel and the legendary country queen Shania Twain through the duet ‘Legends Never Die’ that flashback to the classic team-ups of June Carter and Johnny Cash.

Check out the audio for ‘Born This Way – The Country Road Verison’ down below. Born This Way Reimagined will be released on June 18th.