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Nicholson and Turner on stage. (Credit: Wikimedia)

Original Arctic Monkeys bassist Andy Nicholson opens up about the band


Andy Nicholson, the original bass player of Sheffield band Arctic Monkeys, is plotting his return to music with a new solo project.

After appearing on the band’s acclaimed debut album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not back in 2006, Nicholson decided to walk away from the band and was eventually replaced by current bass player Nick O’Malley.

In the years that followed Nicholson has remained part of the music scene, working as DJ and record producer before briefly having stints with  Reverend & The Makers and his own side projects. Now, as a solo musician, Nicholson is going by the name of ‘Goldteeth’ and will release new material alongside vocalist Hannah Yadi.

“This project came about towards the end of last year,” Nicholson told NME. “My daughter was born in December, and before then I was just in the studio thinking that I might not get as much time in there as I’d had before so I just knuckled down.”

Nicholson, whose music has varied into different genres as often as his former band, admitted that he still remains in contact with Alex Turner and Co. when the moment is possible: “Yeah, when they’re back in Sheffield we go out for some food or if I happen to be in the same country as them then we try to meet up when we can and text,” he explained when asked about his relationship with Arctic Monkeys.

“It’s one of those things when you grow up; they’re busy doing their thing and I’m busy doing mine. It’s usually Christmases and birthdays when we exchange texts but we see each other when we can.”

When asked about his thoughts on Arctic Monkeys ever-changing sound, he admitted that the changes don’t come as a surprise: “I’m never surprised because I know they never want to do the same thing twice and they want to keep things moving. That’s the way music should be, especially if it’s been successful. If you look at all their albums, nothing really sounds the same.”