Only Real – Lemonade


Remember Jamie T? The London rapper who tore through your summer 7 years ago with beautifully written tracks like ‘Sheila’ and ‘Kings and Queens’? Yeah, that’s him. Well, Niall Galvin a.k.a Only Real is all set to take his crown and fill the void that Mr T left when he sadly swapped the microphone for…other pastimes.

Armed with the evocative lyrics and observational wit of Mike Skinner and King Krule’s ear for a heavy beat, Galvin is fast becoming West London’s answer to the plethora of talented young rappers on the East side of the city.

The baby faced 22 year old describes his style as ‘repping real’ and on hearing today’s Track of the day, ‘Lemonade’, you’ll understand why. Press play and you’re dropped straight into a pounding beat that makes you feel like your stomach is twisting inside out. As soon as you start recovering Galvin jumps on you, throwing words down your ears like punches in a bar fight.

‘Kick the shit, my lips know this, they owned in the playground Owned it in ways now, as lone as the greyhound’

Galvin’s West London is very different to the one hidden beneath silver spoons, Range Rovers and those wankers from Made in Chelsea. His topics range from drugs to ‘merking people’ and he manages to frame it all through the lense of a cheeky chappy you could introduce to your mum but maintains the edge that suggests he’d try to shag her.

If he manages to keep his feet on the ground and avoid the ‘over-indulgence’ that consumed Jamie T, West London could find itself the centre of a scene that would be most unwelcome to the Tarquins and Harriettas that call it home. What a great reason to buy his record.

Jason Scott