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Stream Only Real's debut album 'Jerk at the end of the line' free


Only Real - Jerk at the end of the line


Artist: Only Real
Album: Jerk at the end of the line
Label: Virgin EMI
For fans of: Modest Mouse, Swim Deep, Jamie T
Standout tracks: Jerk, Cadillac Girl, When This Begins
Rating: ★★★★☆

The young and fresh-faced Niall Galvin – also known as, ‘Only Real’ – is today streaming his debut album ahead of it’s release on March 30th, Jerk At The End Of The Line.

The 21-year-old west Londoner has had his fair share of praise for singles such as ‘Cadillac Girl’ and ‘Yesterdays’. But what’s all the fuss about? Well, we gave the album a listen and can say, in the words of a well-loved, possibly well-overused internet meme, “the hype is real”.

‘Intro (Twist it up)’ is a tune that wouldn’t seem out of place on a hip-hop album. The song forms itself around the steady drumbeat, the reverb and chorus on the guitar give the track a more dreamlike quality. This short and sweet intro gives the listener an idea of what funky stuff is in store as the album progresses.

One track that has already seen its fill of success is ‘Yesterdays’. The vocals are more poetic and lyrical rap than anything else, but they blend perfectly with the feel-good vibe of the track. The chorus and accompanying pop hook is insanely catchy, and the clean guitar moves the song along at an unfaltering pace. But be warned, this is a definite ear worm, you’ll be humming it for days and in time, you’ll end up fucking hating it.

‘Cadillac Girl’ gets the award for my highpoint on the record. It’s got such a laid back feel you can’t help but relax and just sink in to the music. I can’t think of another way to describe this tune other than indie hip-hop, a delicious mix of both genres which works so well. A captivating guitar riff and melodic chorus work together to create a more chilled atmosphere. You know that shitty but at the end of a party where everyone’s crashed out and you know life will resume back to normal in a couple of hours?

The last track on the album is, ‘When This Begins’. A more down beat and ethereal song, leaving behind the upbeat summer style and venturing into a new sound. Going back to the hip-hop drumbeat and implementing a twangy guitar focused intro. The sweetly harmonised vocals and bass heavy melody give the track an almost ghostly quality. The youth-focused lyrics are picked up and lifted above the noise of the chorus, making you focus on the writers concern with growing up and losing time, a universal truth we all have to deal with at some point.

Only Real’s Jerk At The End Of The Line is a compelling debut album full of unarguable toe-tapping material perfectly time for a summer ahead.

We look forward to seeing what laid-back laments you share with us next.

By Clarrie-Rose Plommer

Stream ‘Jerk at the end of the line’ in full, free and right here.

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Live dates:
18.04 L’Ere de Rien Festival, Reze (nr Nantes), France
20.04 Le Grand Mix, Lille, France,
21.04 Badaboum, Paris, France
22.04 La Lune des Pirate, Amiens, France
25.04 Think Tank, Newcastle, UK
26.04 Broadcast, Glasgow, UK
28.04 Waterfront Studio, Norwich, UK
29.04 Jericho, Oxford, UK
30.04 100 Club, London, UK
02.05 Oakford Social Club, Reading, UK
03.05 Ruby Lounge, Manchester, UK
04.05 Wardrobe, Leeds, UK
06.05 The Hope, Brighton, UK
07.05 Louisiana, Bristol, UK
08.05 Joiners, Southampton, UK
09.05 The Rainbow, Birmingham, UK