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One of Prince's favourite meals was utterly bizarre

Although he may have been diminutive in height, Prince is one of the most iconic musicians of all time, and his star was nothing short of gigantic. A boundary-pushing and perpetually fluid artist, he pushed pop music to its boundaries, challenging our position as consumers in the process. 

Prince had a considerable hand in dragging popular culture and music into the future, and alongside David Bowie, his dextrous, often politically charged artistry hailed the dawn of a much more accepting and artistically experimental epoch. Much like Bowie, who set the scene for Prince, the Minneapolis native was an iconoclast who protested against longstanding and bigoted mores, forging an entirely new path for himself and us. 

Without Prince, there would be no Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, or Moses Sumney. It’s a testament to his skill as an artist that so many across music’s different genres cite him as a hero. 

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Aside from his musical output, it is well-known that Prince was also an interesting character. Whether it be dishing out prickly barbs to other musicians or otherwise, there are many stories about Prince that confirm the extent of his individuality and just how idiosyncratic his life was. 

This nonconformity even went down to the foods he ate. Well known to be such a fan of mustard that he kept 18 different types in his fridge, and a huge proponent of Yak’s Milk, which he described as “too amazing”, Prince’s favourite meal was even weirder than these.

As reported by SPIN in 2009, for the 25th anniversary of Prince’s masterpiece Purple Rain, a journalist who worked for the publication went for a meal with Prince as part of the piece. They went to a humble restaurant similar to Denny’s, and the writer ordered an American classic, a grilled cheese sandwich.

Prince went for spaghetti but paired it with a somewhat overpowering drink, orange juice, which is described as “one of his favourite meals”. Spaghetti and orange juice are both standard foods in the modern age, but the pairing of them together sounds pretty weird, and I can only imagine what the after taste was like. Putrid.

Let’s not kid ourselves. This is Prince we’re talking about. He clearly had his own tastes that diverged from the norm in everything that he did. It’s only fitting for a man who was so different musically and aesthetically that his culinary tastes matched that. It makes you wonder, though, what other strange delights did Prince have in his fridge?

Listen to ‘Purple Rain’ below.