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The one band Liam Gallagher wishes he was in

With Oasis, Liam Gallagher made a mark on British culture forever, and even over a decade since their split, their impact can still be felt. He wouldn’t have swapped that experience for the world, but there is one group he wishes he was in.

Even though he’s now thriving as a solo artist, Gallagher misses the camaraderie which comes with being in a gang, and if he had his way, Oasis would still be active today. Following their split, he tried to keep the dream alive with Beady Eye, but there wasn’t an appetite from the general public, and he eventually went solo as a last resort.

Earlier this year, he moaned to MOJO about life as a solo artist and admitted he’d much rather be in a group: “It’s boring as f***, to be fair. It ain’t what it’s meant to be. I’d much rather be in a band, all bashing it out together. But as long as it sounds good, that’s all that matters.”

Considering what Oasis achieved in their time together, Gallagher is understandably picky about what band he’d have liked to have fronted. Surprisingly, his answer isn’t The Beatles or The Stone Roses.

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In a Q&A with The Guardian in 2017, Gallagher was asked by writer Irvine Welsh, “If you could sing in a fantasy band, what would be your dream line-up?” and Liam refrained from allowing his imagination to run wild in his answer.

“I would have loved to have been in the Pistols,” he revealed. “I’d have kicked out Johnny Rotten – he’d have gone. Get out, Gooner. Paul Cook’s fucking mega. Steve Jones is the man. Sid Vicious, turn his bass down but he still fucking killed. But Rotten would have gone, I’m sorry. I can do Johnny Rotten in my sleep.”

According to his brother, Noel, Lydon was hostile to Liam when they met, which perhaps explains why the younger Gallagher was more than willing to write him out of history by replacing him in The Sex Pistols.

During an interview with the Daily Star, Noel recalled: “I’ve had a few nights out with John Lydon, he’s also one of my heroes, but I’ve also seen him be a f***ing a***, he just doesn’t take s*** off anyone.

“I was out with him one night in LA and he wouldn’t talk directly to Liam, he would say to me, ‘Ask your singer what kind of make-up he’s wearing.’ Liam was literally six inches from him.'”

Just like Oasis wouldn’t have had their identity without Liam, The Sex Pistols would have been nothing without the presence of their anarchic leader, Johnny Rotten, who even Gallagher doesn’t have the tools to replace.