One artist's mission to display Ireland as you've never seen it before

Chromesthesia, which can also be known as “colour hearing”, is a type of synesthesia in which heard sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of colour. This perceptual phenomenon is what Dublin-based artist Andrea Lambe has used to create a of photos named ‘Synesthetic Landscapes’.

Lambe has used her unique ability to create a mix of music and art through her use of analogue and digital photography. When discussing how she edits the photos with Feature Shoot she explained: “I love light-leaks and lomography with a taped-up Holga… I also use a lot of mixed media and various apps.”

Later in the process, when editing the photos, Lambe discussed how music inspires her: “Sometimes an idea will just drip into my mind…a melody will illicit some colours or shapes, I’ll get an idea for a photo and edit it like that,” she explains.

“I didn’t realise that I could combine my passion for music and my love of photography like this, especially with colour.” Lambe makes no secret of how important music to her life, and not solely in an artistic sense. The photographer so passionately details how music “resonates so deeply with me, as with mostly everybody.”

Adding more detail to her life path that has led her to combining the two artistic processes of music and photography, Lambe insists that she considers herself more of a singer than anything else. “I’ve been playing piano by ear since I was about four or five, and I picked up a guitar after seeing The Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth when I was 15 or so. In recent years, I’ve fallen in love with analog synthesisers,” she said.

Discussing her love of what she does Lambe spoke how “As a I used to paint a lot… I live for travelling. I love cityscapes and landscapes—the shapes they take reminds me of the shape of some melodies.”

Her work can be seen on her Instagram account, here are some great examples:

(All images via Andrea Lambe)