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(Credit: Columbia Pictures)


Watch unseen footage from ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ in new novelisation trailer

Quentin Tarantino has often said that after completing his tenth movie he would venture into the world of literature and film criticism. Well, with the release of a novelisation of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood scheduled to arrive on June 29th, it would seem he has given himself a head start. 

Tarantino appeared on the Pure Cinema podcast to discuss the novel and was keen to assert that it would simply be a straight retelling of the film, as he dubbed it as a “complete rethinking.”

“I think if you’re a fan of the movie, you will get a kick out of reading the book, and exploring the characters further and deeper,” he says, “And learning secrets that you didn’t know, and (that) were not in the movie.”

The auteur director has often said in the past that he has always written his screenplays in a novelistic style with swathes of details never intended to make it to the screen, so it would seem that he had plenty of material to twist into his reimagining. 

Tarantino has always been an obsessive student of cinema history and this reinvention of the old Hollywood trope of novelising, right down to the retro trailer for the project, is a fantastic vintage touch. 

Featuring unseen clips from the Oscar-winning movie and collated highlights of Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio’s swinging sixties performance’s the trailer will leave you wanting to visit L.A., watch the film and read the novel all over again. 

And what’s more, as soon as our hands are free from the embargoing non-disclosure agreement that we’re tied to, we’ll be bringing you a review of the book while it’s still hot off the press. 

For now, catch the trailer below, see you soon folks.