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Omi Palone - Singled Out

Today’s prestigious Track of the Day accolade goes to a band we first came across during the truly enchanting Lost Weekend, which Hookworms hosted at Salford’s Islington Mill back in May.

The event saw the West Yorkshire noise masters play two headline shows, with a full and varied support bill on each, including London-based quartet Omi Palone.

Their new track ‘Singled Out’ is a rabble-rousing piece of indie-rock that introduces itself in suitably abrupt fashion, with a barrage of crashing symbols and distorted feedback. The production continues to be rough and ready throughout, but the resulting verses are something all together more melodic.

It’s a sound that could cause some to reminisce about a time when this kind of rickety guitar-pop stormed the charts a decade or so ago, but this does not stop Omi Palone from coming across as fresh, exciting and a shot in the arm for anyone feeling run down by the bitterness of winter.

‘Singled Out’ is an indication of just how enthralling this band’s new material is shaping up to be, but hear more give their self-titled debut a listen, which was released earlier this year on Faux Discx.

Patrick Davies