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Olivia Colman's boozy speech wins the Golden Globes 2020


As is customary at awards evenings at the moment, the great Olivia Colman walked away with the best speech moment after she claimed victory.

Colman won the Best Actress in a Television Series Drama award for playing The Queen in the hugely popular historical drama television series The Crown.

“I had money on this not happening,” the British Oscar-winner said when taking to the stage. “For the last year I feel I’ve been living someone else’s life, and now I feel I’ve won someone else’s award.”

“I don’t know what to say because I genuinely had already got a little bit boozy because I thought this wasn’t going to happen,” she said while her typically unprepared speech produced smiles around the room.

“I’m completely stumped,” she added before giving a wonderful shoutout to Fleabag who also enjoyed success at the ceremony.

So convinced that she wouldn’t win the award, Colman took advantage of the free drinks on offer and, well, it left her a little stumped.

See the speech, below.