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Olafur Eliasson unveils extraordinary technicolour wine tasting pavilion in California


Olafur Eliasson’s design studio, Studio Other Spaces, has unveiled a new technicolour wine tasting pavilion in the Donum Estate winery in Sonoma, California.  

Eliasson and architect Sebastian Behmann first opened to Berlin-based design office back in 2014 and since then they have been mingling art and architecture with various projects all over the world. 

Their latest effort has taken two years to reach completion, but the stunning technicolour results speak for themselves. This swirling canopy rises out of the winery like the most styling UFO ever sighted.

As Studio Other Spaces have stated about the project: “The Vertical Panorama Pavilion enables a unique encounter between our senses and our surroundings.”

Continuing: “The design for the pavilion aims at creating a holistic experience that is based on a journey through several horizontal layers of the site, landscape and surrounding elements – resulting in a type of vertical panorama.”

In a poetic description, Studio Other Spaces listed the inspirations behind the design, stating: “We begin with the experience of the crunching sound of our shoes on the gravel path, and acknowledge the fragrances from surrounding flora as well as the soil as not only the ground we walk upon but also a home for precious roots and microorganisms.”

Adding: “[We] take in the orchestra of sounds created by the winds, the rustling grass and chirping insects, move along the ground and follow the stream of the occasional fog and mist, and finally turn our attention towards the blue sky above and the various formations of clouds.”

Before concluding the grand pitch: “Passing through this sequence of vertically aligned layers forms an abstract section through The Donum Estate.”

Consisting of 832 individual glass panels, this colourful cone is like being inside a mosaic. With the seasons considered and stunning surrounding landscape, there are certainly worse places to glug a Pinot Noir. 

The unique pavilion is open to visitors of the Donum Estate for in-person wine tasting experiences. You can book an appointment on the site, with prices beginning at $95 per person.

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