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(Credit: Ash Dye)


Ohmme announce Kate Bush tribute: ‘Full Bush’


Ohmme have teamed up with the theatre artist Alex Grelle and Jesse Morgan Young for a new flamboyant production in tribute to Kate Bush under the magnificent title of Full Bush.

In a press release, Ohmme declared: “Kate Bush focused her immense creative weight on the fantasy of childhood dreams. Her music can be hard to follow and yet dazzling and expansive at the same moment. Its genius lies in embracing not knowing and non-linear thought.”

Adding: “She is whimsical while lending gravity to the fun, and wacky, and sensual sides of music. Bush and her work are unafraid of exactly what they are—which is why she is one of our greatest inspirations.”

Before concluding: “We wanted to explore and frankly, to embody, her courageous commitment to bizarre and beautiful multidisciplinary performance.”

This beautifully on-brand production will take to the stage on December 3rd and 4th at Chicago’s Constellation in what promises to be a “loving reimagining of Kate Bush’s illustrious career”.

As it is unclear whether they will tour the production beyond Chicago at this stage, you can quench your thirst for Ohmme by checking out their great video for ‘3 2 4 3’ below.