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Oh Wonder releases new song ‘High On Humans’


The current purveyors of power-pop de jour, is Oh Wonder, their effortless slink and undeniable shimmy is a perfect complement to their ability to fill a dance floor. The duo, comprised of Josephine Vander Gucht (reckon she’s from Coventry really) and Anthony West, continues to deliver on their new song ‘High On Humans’.

Josephine explains the context of the song  “‘High On Humans’ was inspired by a tube journey. On the way back from Heathrow Airport, I eavesdropped on a conversation between two girls who worked in a sunglasses shop at the terminal. They were happily going back and forth discussing their favourite foods. When one girl declared that she didn’t like avocados, I rudely interrupted and said ‘what do you mean you don’t like avocados?!’. We then proceeded to have a twenty minute conversation about hot sauces and condiments, and the three of us exited the carriage high on adrenaline having connected with strangers”.

“I then went on to talk to a man who had knocked all his teeth out and was covered in blood. It created a carriage-wide conversation about injuries and operations. Everyone’s mood seemed lifted by this random interaction with the unknown. On the way back home from the station, I sang ‘I’m getting high on humans’ into voice notes on my phone, and sat down with Anthony to fully write it the next day. This song celebrates the potential to ‘get high’ and feel liberated by talking to strangers. It’s something we all fear, and something we should all do more of!”

A simple premise surrounding the extraordinary feeling when connecting with what seems the ordinary. Perfect Saturday night fodder, and Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for that matter. Go out and connect a little more – tell ‘em Oh Wonder sent ya.