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Oh Sees let loose on new track 'Heartworm'


The header image is a 100% fact accurate photo of what happens when you play today’s track of the day at volume, face melter is a much-overused term but luckily I ordered a Wayne’s World cap this week so I’ll soon be qualified to use this term liberally and without prosecution. Anyway, the good old Grateful Shred of John, Dan, Paul, Tim and Thomas has manifested itself into a 2-minute love song about the world ending and how we should march into the sun for it. So, naturally, it’s our Track of the Day.

This is the third track off of the upcoming double LP FACE STABBER. Once again from John Dwyer/Matt Jone’s label Castle Face. Rest assured, we’ll soon be with another heavy plate of delicious garage-rock wax on August 16th.

Swapping out the jams of the 20-minute bong burner ‘Henchlock’ and the digital brain scrapes of ‘Poisoned Stones’, ‘Heartworm’ plays out, (VERY QUICKLY I MIGHT ADD) as if someone melted together Space Ritual (Hawkwind) with Scum (Napalm Death.) It’s a dose of the white powder powered rock and roll of the Coachwhips variety, but that’s a-ok and then some with us when you were also the bloke behind that band.

Will there be more like this? Who knows or even cares, it’s yet another cataclysmic laser blast from the good ship Oh Sees and that motherfucker never misses its targets. Watch the video for Oh Sees new one ‘Heartworm’ below.

Seek and destroy brothers!


Charlie Wyatt