Oh Sees announce new album and change their name again


Having already dropped ‘Thee’ from their band name, Oh Sees have again decided to adapt their alias while announcing a new record.

The band have announced another new album which will be titled Memory Of A Cut Off Head. To accompany the new project, John Dwyer announced that they are returning to OCS as a name, the name that came first when they formed San Francisco, California, in 1997.

The new album will again be released via Dwyer’s Castle Face label, to which the press release informs us that it is the band’s 20th album in their 20th year of existence.

Collaborating again with Brigid Dawson, OCS/Thee Oh Sees/Oh Sees have shared a little taster of the new album with their latest single. Here it is:


01 – ‘Memory Of A Cut Off Head’
02 – ‘Cannibal Planet’
03 – ‘The Baron Sleeps And Dreams’
04 – ‘The Remote Viewer’
05 – ‘On & On Corridor’
06 ‘Neighbor To None’
07 – ‘The Fool”
08 – ‘The Chopping Block’
09 – ‘Time Tuner’
10 – ‘Lift A Finger’