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OCS Reveals New Track 'The Fool'


Thee Oh Sees changed their name to Oh Sees recently, they then went ahead and changed it again to OCS (a name they once held in 2006) last month. A changeable bunch, for sure. But what they will never change is their unstoppable greed for music.

The band, under whatever moniker, are only rivaled in prolificacy by possibly Ty Segall and King Gizzard, as they are set to release their TWENTIETH record Memory of a Cut Off Head in November. Let that sink in a second; their 20th record. Incredible.

What’s more incredible as that their appetite is matched by the energy and composition of these records and latest offering from the new LP ‘The Fool’ suggests the next album will be more of the same form the band.

Speaking with Stereogum Brigid Dawson (long time song-writing partner of John Dwyer) said “On the one hand, it’s a just a simple song about love-lost, about watching your man drive away, and being left behind for his pursuit of the muse, whatever or whoever that may be. When that happens a few times, how foolish it makes you feel. And on the other hand, I was listening to a lot of Jeanne Lee when I was writing, and wanted this song to be an experiment with her sound-singing, no words just shapes and sounds”.

Take a listen below and enjoy the weekend, safe in the knowledge that a punk band actually does work harder than you.