Oakland musician Dave Deporis tragically killed after being robbed

Dave Deporis, a much respected and loved musician from Oakland, has died after being robbed and dragged behind a car.

Deporis was sitting outside a local cafe when someone snatched his laptop – which contained all of his music – before jumping into a red Audi, an eye witnesses explained.

The 40-year-old desperate not to lose his belongings, chased after the assailant before grabbing hold of the side of the vehicle before he was briefly dragged along the road and then run over.

He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital after officers described him as having “traumatic injuries”.

Several musicians have paid tribute to Deporis, expressing their extreme sadness:

“I found out that the beautiful musician #DaveDeporis has passed away… I first heard him years ago at Sidewalk Cafe,” Regina Spektor tweeted.

Deporis was a “beautiful musician,” according to Anohni before adding, “I have listened to a recording of his song ‘Swan King in the Snow’ hundreds of times over the years.”

My tears overflow with the passing of the incredible @youhavepowers . #DaveDeporis was playing the Sidewalk Cafe in New York in 1999 and 2000 when I first started playing the open mic there. He wrote a song with a pencil in his guitar and I loved the song so much and wrote “Disappear” with a pencil in my guitar too but my song wasn’t as pretty as his. Ever. He raged. He wandered. He sang so pretty he could break my heart in half and soften the walls I’d built around myself.. I had so many hopes for him and for his music. He never put anything out cause he was always recording and re-recording and editing songs, changing them time over again… but in all their iterations they were beautiful. He was a punk. Other. A true original. He was my friend. I am so sad. See you in the spheres, dear David. #SwanKing ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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