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Nudes stream their new LP


Punk dabblers Nudes brought us a taste of their EP earlier in the year but have now put the pedal to the metal and steamed in to a first full length LP with the help of two indie labels Barely Regal Records and Dogs Knights.

The self-title LP sees the band remain their raucous best, with punk and honest lyrics the frontline of what is an entirely enticing first effort. Written, rehearsed and recorded in just three weeks the album sees the band at their energetic and hopeful best.

Slamming youthful and optimistic fingers against cynical, steel-stringed pessimism gives us a microcosm of our society and a cult classic has ensued from the bloodied wreckage. It’s an homage to the blindingly, blissful ignorance of youth.

Thanks Nudes, for giving it back to us, if only for a short while.

Stream the album via Noisey here