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(Credit: Luana De Marco)


NOTS deliver their playlist


Tennessee band NOTS are something of a novelty these days. Not content with their situation nor happy to play the part of ‘girl band’, they use their heavy guitars and pounding rhythm to not only express themselves, but in turn, connect with a disaffected audience. They use this energy to create a swell of emotion and a feeling of tremendous togetherness. It’s something the ultra-cool and shunning, shrugging masses of US coastal bands have seemed to forget in their pursuit of cult-status.

Luckily for NOTS their brilliant LP Cosmetic which came out earlier this year on Heavenly Recordings, has done all the talking for them and made their name among those in the know and the populous alike.

Recent releases have cemented this, posting NOTS at the top of the bill for bands your parents would hate to play a house party. A truly welcomed accolade, I’m sure, but what also sets the band apart is their wonderful array of influences.

You can see this when we asked Natalie, the bands lead guitar and vocalist for a few select choices to the below requirements.

The song that gets you up in the morning?  
Natalie: Kris Kristofferson’s brilliant ‘Sunday Morning Comin’ Down’. A perfect morning song.
The song that ‘soundtracked’ your childhood?
Natalie: Neil Young’s ‘Heart of Gold’.
The song which made you wanna play music?  
Natalie: I think trying to learn the piano and failing made me want to play music. I can’t remember a specific song.
The song you most recently loved? 

Natalie: It’s hard to pick one but I’ve been listening to ‘Zurich 17’ by Hollywood Brats a bunch

A song to make you fall in love?  

Gerry Rafferty’s ‘Right Down the Line’. I love everything about this song.

Guilty Pleasure song?
Natalie: ‘Rainbow in the Dark’ by Dio. And it’s nothing but  pleasure, no guilt at all.

Two songs which make grey clouds go away? Natalie: Natalie: ‘Strawberry Letter 23’ by The Brothers Johnson and ‘Hello Stranger’ by Barbara Lewis. 

Song to get the party started? 
Natalie: Backstabber by the O’Jays.
The song you’d want played at your funeral?  
Natalie: Jimmy Buffett ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise’

Take a listen via Spotify on the homepage (we’ve added a couple of NOTS tracks for good measure!). Be sure to subscribe for a constant stream of brilliant music and artist curated playlists.