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No Bra - Do The Dog


“When you’re addicted to something, you dedicate your whole life to it, your whole life revolves around the fix, the first thought in the morning and the last one at night. Priorities? Well you can imagine, there’s only one: the drugs, survival plays second fiddle, in fact it doesn’t even cross your mind but when you think about it the release is the survival, you need it to keep going or you think that you need it to stay alive.”

Speaking to a heroin addict in the small hours of Saturday morning the reality hit home, music for all its cathartic properties is a drug, and one that is just addictive as any of the class defined substances. Often, tunes are the emotional crutch we lean on when no one else is around, they can also be the catalyst to self destruction (think Stooges) and the instigators of intimacy, pivotal decisions can be made on the basis of a lyric and lives can be changed, for better or worse, after a mere three minutes of indulgence. Yes, music is a narcotic and one of the best.

Far Out’s latest addiction comes in the crystallized form of ‘No Bra’, devised in the laboratorial, melting pot streets of London and refined in the city of New York and the pusher of this dangerously enjoyable new necessity goes by the name Susanne Oberbeck.

Taken from No Bra’s latest release ‘Candy’, that in my humble opinion is the record that the world of contemporary music has been waiting for, Track of the Day ‘Do The Dog’ is a fantastically frank depiction of unrequited love, or lust rather in which Oberbeck fawns and fantasises in some kind of deranged Nico delivery.

We could further dissect the track and proceed to be like a majority of the boring online music publications (in which there are hundreds), but rather than offer opinion on the bass tone and how it suits the sentiment, or voice comment on the purposefully frank yet humour drenched provocative lyric amongst the apt, and perfectly minimalistic style, we’ll sign off with a few well deserved words:  Listen, it’s fucking brilliant.

Joshua Hevicon