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The Nirvana song Jim Carrey called "the most kick-ass in history"

Jim Carrey has had an interesting career full of impressive and bizarre roles in a vast variety of projects. Oscillating between comedies like Ace Ventura and psychologically demanding masterpieces such as The Truman Show, Carrey’s filmography defies strict categorisations because of the actor’s incredible versatility.

Carrey’s career was on a downward trajectory until he managed to turn it around by landing the role of the primary antagonist in the recent Sonic the Hedgehog films. The sequel to that film had its theatrical release earlier this month and it was a huge commercial success, with many critics and audiences praising Carrey for his work.

Following the release of the film, Carrey also revealed that he was thinking of retiring from the world of cinema. Even though he has hinted at the possibility of a return if the right screenplay lands on his desk, Carrey has declared that he is going to devote more time to other activities such as painting while living a relatively quiet life.

While cinematic masterpieces and literary giants have influenced Carrey over the course of his career, he has also been moved by heavy metal and rock music. In an interview, he claimed that his first introduction to the music of Pantera was a formative experience for him since he met the band members a short while later.

Talking about the entire experience of driving to San Diego and listening to the band, Carrey said: “I had never heard anything like it. And it hit me on such a level of, like, extreme stimulation that I just started laughing uncontrollably for the entire track. Just like nervously laughing, like, ‘What is happening right now?’”

In the same interview, Carrey also selected one Nirvana song as the most kick-ass song in the history of music. From their iconic album Nevermind, the track that Carrey was talking about was Breed. Carrey said: “‘Breed’ is one of the greatest, unsung, really… It’s kind of an unsung piece; it’s overshadowed by other hits they had. But ‘Breed’ is one of the most kick-ass tracks ever in history. It’s wonderful.”

Written by Kurt Cobain, the song was initially titled ‘Imodium’ as a reference to Tad Doyle’s anti-diarrhoea medicine. An intense musical attack, Cobain criticises the monotony of normative existence in spectacular fashion. He even described ‘Breed’ as a critique of “getting into Middle America, marrying at age 18, getting pregnant, stuck with a baby — and not wanting it.”

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