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Extremely rare audio surfaces of Nirvana gig in a small Scottish bar in 1991

Two extremely rare audio clips of a small Nirvana gig taking place in a Scottish bar have surfaced online.

Back 1991 – December 1st, to be exact – the members of Nirvana played a very small acoustic gig in a Scottish bar. The band, having just released their second album, Nevermind to worldwide acclaim, were touring the record to sold out venues across the globe.

Nirvana’s popularity was booming, that ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ video was all over MTV and Kurt Cobain was on the cover of every alternative music magazine going. So it would only go without saying that this was the perfect moment to support a small local band in a quaint, unknown bar, right? Well, that’s exactly what happened.

Nirvana’s first full Scottish performance was to a sold-out Friday night at the city’s Calton Studios. It was after this show that a small Edinburgh-based band called The Joyriders decided to invite Nirvana to support them at a charity fundraiser for the city’s Sick Kids hospital the following Sunday. It was an invitation the band duly accepted.

Now, after 27 years, the audio has surfaced.

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As rumours and speculation began to grow, on the night of the show a large crowd gathered inside the Southern Bar. With little communication as to whether Nirvana would show, many of the crowd decided to bail and a loyal bunch of around 30 people decided to stay.

Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl set up on the bar’s small stage for an acoustic performance. With bassist Krist Novoselic not in attendance, Grohl stepped away from the drums and instead played the acoustic bass.

Not messing around, the Nirvana duo kept their stealth approach to the surprise gig very quiet and were introduced as Teen Spirit.

Now, having been finally added to the internet, here’s what the unique show sounded like:

(Via: Dangerous Minds / Scotsman)