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Nirvana’s ‘Live and Loud’ concert footage made available on YouTube

We have our own favourite Nirvana performances here at Far Out, the infamous Reading Festival performance where Cobain took to the chair in a wheelchair among claims of his ill-health, or the MTV Unplugged set which gave a stripped back rendition of Nirvana classics.

Hardcore fans will have their own memories, Nirvana’s official YouTube page has recently brought to fans attentions a throwback to another classic performance with their Live and Loud gig in December 1993, a time when the band played a set at Seattle’s Pier 48. Grohl and Novoselic have teamed up with Geffen Records and Universal Music to bring this little bit of nostalgia to the fans.

The performance followed the release of the band’s third album, In Utero, it sees the band play classic such as ‘Rape Me’ and ‘Heart-shaped Box’ and many more. The performance begins with the bouncy ‘Sliver’ which has Cobain shouting the classic hook ‘Grandma take me home.’

Originally available as a bonus feature on the deluxe edition of In Utero, released for the band’s 20th anniversary, it is now available in the Nirvana YouTube page for your listening pleasure.

Check out the performance of ‘Sliver’ and ‘Lithium’ below:

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Live and Loud Tracklist:
01. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
02. Drain You
03. Breed
04. Serve The Servants
05. Rape Me
06. Sliver
07. Pennyroyal Tea
08. Scentless Apprentice
09. All Apologies
10. Heart-Shaped Box
11. Blew
12. The Man Who Sold The World
13. School
14. Come As You Are
15. Lithium
16. About a Girl
17. Endless, Nameless

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