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Nirvana are reportedly suing Marc Jacobs for allegedly stealing 'smiley' design

It has been reported by TMZ that Nirvana, the band formerly fronted by the late Kurt Cobain, are suing fashion designer Marc Jacobs for allegedly stealing the design of their infamous ‘smiley face’.

The ‘smiley face’ used by Nirvana during their peak in the 90’s and beyond has become a symbol for many of the band’s fans. Originally seen on a flyer for the band’s album release party for seminal LP Nevermind in 1991, its simple yet arresting design gave many people a secret symbol to know another fan from afar. It feels wrong then that a band who had fought consumerism so hard would now have their symbol used for a system they hated.

A new collection by designer Marc Jacobs, titled the ‘Redux Grunge’ collection, apparently aims to celebrate the cultural touchstone that grunge music inspired within fashion. According to TMZ, Nirvana filed a lawsuit last month claiming that the company rips off the smiley face design.

Looking at the design below it is fairly difficult to disagree with. What do you think?