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(Credit: Nandhi Bushell)

Meet Nandi Bushell, the nine-year-old who can perform Nirvana's 'In Bloom' better than you


Say hello to your new favourite drummer; Nandi Bushell – AKA the nine-year-old drummer who can perform Nirvana (and probably a lot more) infinitely better than you. A video of the young drummer emerged yesterday and has since gone viral.

In the clip, the little percussionist gives a rousing performance of Nirvana’s iconic song ‘In Bloom’ taken from their seminal album Nevermind. A performance that is not only note-perfect but also filled with the kind of passion and joy that reminds you why you love music.

The clip was uploaded on November 11th by Bushell with the caption: “I can jam to Nirvana ‘In Bloom’ all day! I LOVE NIRVANA. Nirvana are in my top 5 bands so far. I just found out Dave [Grohl] also played with @jackblack in @tenaciousd, @foofighters and @queensofthestoneage!!!! The film school of rock is the best film in the world.”

Having covered some incredible acts already in her time, this particular rendition likely got picked up because Bushell seemingly displays all the feelings we have as repressed adults when listening to bands like Nirvana.

The nine-year-old caught the attention of advertisers here in the UK as she also took on a starring role in an Argos Christmas advert, which you can see below.