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Credit: Monophonic Girl


Six additional Nine Inch Nails members to be inducted into Rock Hall


It has been revealed that six extra Nine Inch Nails will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on November 7th alongside Trent Reznor.

The Rock Hall announced in January that Reznor would be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year as Nine Inch Nails with the band being his brainchild and the band using a plethora of different musicians over the years since Reznor created NIN in 1988.

SPIN has now confirmed that six of Reznor’s bandmates from past and present Atticus Ross, Robin Finck, Chris Vrenna, Danny Lohner, Ilan Rubin and Alessandro Cortini will be joining him this November for the richly deserved induction service.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has not yet said how the six musicians were picked out from the 20 plus members that have played with Nine Inch Nails over the years but it is likely that Reznor was given the choice of who to induct.

Only one founding member of the group will be inducted alongside Reznor which is keyboardist and drummer Chris Vrenna. It’s a ceremony that Reznor was once vehemently against but, after performing at The Cure’s induction, he’s seemingly changed his mind.

He told CoS, “It ended up being a pretty cool experience and I thought, ‘Alright, it doesn’t feel as bulls**t as I kind of snarkily dismissed it as.’ I don’t have any problem admitting I’ve changed my opinion about something.”

The artist has also been talking about his own induction, Reznor told Rolling Stone, “I’m pretty freaked out. I’m quite in shock. When I look back at how Nine Inch Nails are received, it always seems like we fall between the cracks. I don’t know if it’s a defence mechanism, but I just assumed we’d stay in that category, so I’m pleasantly surprised to see us acknowledged. It feels pretty good … I’m allowing myself, for a limited period of time, to feel good about this.”