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(Credit: Wikimedia)


Remembering Nikki Sixx's bizarre appearance on Dr. Phil

Back in their hair-metal heyday, the members of Motley Crue represented everything that middle American housewives were terrified of their children becoming: hedonistic drug addicts with no respect for authority. 

The band has remarkably mellowed as they’ve gradually aged into some of the last survivors of the original hair metal scene, and now a man who toured with Ozzy Osbourne at his wildest and was once legally dead for two minutes thanks to a heroin overdose can appear on Oprah’s personal television channel.

Back in January of 2021, Nikki Sixx appeared on Dr. Phil to help with a puzzling case: a woman by the name of ‘Tina’ claimed to be engaged to Poison frontman Bret Michaels, while her alleged friendship with Sixx provided a solid bit of evidence for this woman’s heavy metal courtship. The only problem: ‘Tina’ was being catfished and was not actually in contact with either of the musicians.

Sixx tries his best to let this poor woman down easy. “The first time I heard about this was when we talked about it,” Sixx explained. “We wanted to come on together and let you know that whoever you’re talking to is not me, and I’m sorry that this is happening to you.”

“Watching the show and how Dr. Phil is trying to break it all down for you, it’s heartbreaking for us,” Sixx continues. “It’s not fun, it’s cruel and you seem like a very nice person. The internet’s a tricky place. You have people pretending to be people all the time, and it’s really sad when fans get sucked in.” Sixx later promised to meet ‘Tina’ in person once Motley Crue went back on the road.

Michaels also weighed in in a pre-taped message. “These imposters who are going after innocent people like Tina, who is on your show right now, and other people, they will not stop during this pandemic,” Michaels said. “People are vulnerable. I feel like people right now are isolated … and that is the perfect time for these scumbags, scammers, con artists and imposters to come after innocent people.”

Sing it with me now: “He’s the one they call Doctor Phil-good/He’s the one that makes you Phil alright/He’s the one they call Doctor Phil-good/He’ll explain you’ve been catfished online.”