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Far Out presents Night Trippin' Episode #2 - 'Sweden'


Far Out Magazine continues our tip around the world alongside pilot and Night Trippin’ presenter Steven Dove.

Last week we started off on our journey with a sixty minute show immersed in Indian mysticism in homage to George Harrison. This week, in episode two, the Night Trippin’ magic carpet has flown the 3976 miles to Scandinavia and set up stall in Sweden.

While the instrumental genre is the biggest one in Sweden, we also take look at a section of the 1960s when Swedish youth sparked a roots revival in Swedish folk culture. With elements of pop rock, post punk, progressive rock jazz and more, we delve back as far as the 1950s in the episode.

As usual you can expect an hour-long collection of everything you’ve never heard before coming from, inspired from or adding to Sweden.

Expect to hear Lee Hazlewood, Dungen, Ljusbringare and much more:

Night Trippin’ Tracklist:

Torbjorn Axelman – Oj Oj Oj
Dungen – Stadsvandringar
Pugh Rogefeldt – Jag Sitter Och Gungar
Britt Bergstrom – Bla Bla Ar Karleken
Trad Gras and Stenar – I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction). Rolling Stones cover
Lee Hazlewood – (Let’s Take A Walk) Down Valhallavagen
The Go-Getters – It’s Raining
Ljusbringare – Reslust (Moog-Mellotron)
The Radio Dept. – Keen On Boys
David Lynch and Lykke Li – I’m Waiting Here
Goat – Run To Your Mama (Tom Furse Remix)
Through A Glass Darkly (Ingmar Bergman) – Theme
Sonson – Rauta
Taste Of Blues – A Touch Of Sunshine