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(Credit: Ultraísta)


Nigel Godrich’s band Ultraísta end eight-year hiatus and announce new album 'Sister'


Ultraísta, the experimental rock band who released their debut record in 2012, have announced their return with the new album Sister.

The band, consisting of Atoms for Peace members Nigel Godrich and Joey Waronker, is fronted by vocalist and producer Laura Bettinson who is more commonly known by her stage name of FEMME.

“Three days of jamming might create two years of work,” Nigel Godrich said in a statement when discussing the comeback. “It’s like building a space shuttle out of matchsticks. It takes ages just to finish a wing, and you’re really proud of it, but then you go off and do something else for a while before you come back to tackle the next piece.”

Godrich added: “With the first record, we weren’t focused on making it overly musical. We were building off grooves, pulling influences from Dadaism, and trying to make some sort of modernist manifesto. This time, we wanted to make a record that was more than just an art piece.”

The album, which will be released on March 13th through Partisan Records, has been previewed by their new single ‘Tin King’ which can be streamed, below.