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Nicolas Cage selects three favourite films from his own career

Nicolas Cage is a legend in the world of cinema as well as popular culture. A truly mysterious figure, Cage has continued to perplex audiences by starring in truly fantastic films such as the Coen brothers’ delightful gem Raising Arizona and also taking on roles in extremely dubious projects that have resulted in some interesting cinematic spectacles.

Due to this incredible range of quality in Cage’s filmography, many people have claimed that Nicolas Cage is the only true actor out there. Those who make this claim insist that this is the case because Cage continues to deliver all that he has in all productions, irrespective of his co-stars, the filmmakers, the subject matter and other such elements.

However, Cage himself has rejected the label of “actor” because he thinks it is inappropriate. According to Cage, people should refer to him as a thespian because he does not embrace the performativity associated with actors. Instead, it is a spiritual experience for him and each role gives him a clearer understanding of himself.

He said: “So with the risk of sounding like a pretentious a-hole, I like the word thespian because thespian means you’re going into your heart. Or you’re going into your imagination, or your memories or your dreams and you’re bringing something back to communicate with the audience. I think it’s more like recruiting imagination.”

Cage went on to explain: “Dare I say it, it’s more like a shamanism. What early shamans would do is go into flights of imagination to find answers to help their village. I like looking at it like that, with the risk of sounding completely absurd and ridiculous. I like the idea of it being something a little more organic and less artificial.”

In an effort to promote his upcoming film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, Cage took to Reddit to attend an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. In the film, he plays a version of himself who is dangerously disillusioned with the meaning of his life and finds himself in a tough spot when he becomes entangled with a billionaire crime lord’s life.

During the same session, one fan asked him to name three films that he would like to preserve for future generations. Without hesitating to answer, Cage cited Martin Scorsese’s 1999 psychological drama Bringing Out the Dead. In addition, he also named the 1995 classic Leaving Las Vegas as well as his 2021 film Pig where he played the role of a reclusive celebrity chef.

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